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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Appliances

Finally, it’s time to buy new kitchen appliances after your kitchen remodelling process. You’re so excited to shop around, exploring the cool new appliances in the market and can’t wait to fill up your kitchen with the right appliances that will make your life easier, what’s more, complement the aesthetic and style of your kitchen!
But wait, don’t rush in without a plan. Buying kitchen appliances is a huge decision as some of the latest models could be expensive and most importantly you want to make sure they serve your needs thus worth the investment. So before you immerse yourself in the myriad of choices, here are 5 key factors to consider when buying new kitchen appliances.
1. Research Appliances Features, Technology & Performance
Start searching what’s available online to understand the current trend, the latest features and what are the offerings from the top brands. A simple Google search will provide you all the information you need so you can compare and have an idea of what kind of appliances you are actually looking for. Do your homework so you know what to ask the salesperson when visiting a retail store.

2. Decide Between Your Wants & Needs

Kitchen appliances nowadays are very appealing, they come with seamless design, modern features and beautiful finishes that often make homeowners trapped in the “I-want-it-all” dilemma. Therefore understanding what you really need and what you don’t and by listing them down, it can help you avoid impulse buying while narrowing down your choices to purchase the items that are worth the cost. For example, if you’re someone who is dining out regularly and hardly cooks, perhaps you should opt for a steam-assist oven that provides pre-heat function instead of a combi-oven that supports heavy steam cooking and comes with a higher price. Identify your wants and needs clearly so you won’t be fooled by those clever marketing tactics out there and end up wasting money.
3. Set Your Budget
Figuring out your budget so you know the price range that you can afford. Depending on the quality and features, some appliances may cost higher while some offer a competitive price. Hence it is better to have several brands in mind and start comparing the different prices to determine which manufacturer or brand has the model that matches your needs at the same time within your budget. You may also want to watch for some of the big sales throughout the year such as Black Friday, National Day Special, 11.11 Sales, Year End Clearance Sales and so on to secure a great deal.
4. Check Your Measurements
Consider the size of your kitchen and the available space you have for your kitchen appliances. Measure carefully how much room you have for your new appliances and measure it twice! Be sure to measure the height, width, and depth especially for built-in appliances because you would not want your appliances to jut out from your cabinet and obscure your view. Don’t forget to consider the amount of space you need when opening your kitchen cabinet as well as the space occupied when the refrigerator door is opened. You may also want to look for a professional kitchen planner to assist in taking the accurate measurements to avoid unnecessary troubles.
5. Check Reviews & Warranties
Pay attention to recent customer reviews and testimonials. Genuine reviews can provide insightful information, allow you to better understand how other customers perceive a brand’s products and services so you know what to expect and thereupon help you to make a better-informed decision. Last but not least, make sure you find out if your kitchen appliances are covered by a warranty and what is covered under the warranty.
Buying new kitchen appliances is a big decision and a huge investment for homeowners. You can’t progress in the purchase process without having a proper plan. So do your research, explore the options, seek kitchen experts’ advice, and visit the showroom to get a first-hand look at each appliance. If you need more help, reach out to us anytime!
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