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5 Key Features Of A Modern Bathroom

“What exactly is a modern bathroom?” – most people out there will tell you it’s all about geometric shapes, natural elements, sleek-looking surfaces, adding visual interest, or just conclude it by saying minimalism or simplicity that leaves you scratching your head.
Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds and no massive renovations are needed. All you need is just prudent planning with the right ideas. To help with this, Signature is here to outline some of the key features that are essential to a modern bathroom, rest assured we’ll go through them in detailed explanations with clear examples. Let’s start!
1. Handle-less Door
Handless design gives a sleek and modern look. The flat, smooth surfaces are sure to make your bathroom look elegant and streamlined. By removing handles, it instantly makes a bathroom look bigger as there is no overhang from your cabinetry, thus creating the light and airy feel you’re wishing for. There are also plenty of materials, color and finishes to choose from, ensuring it is designed to fit your personality. The EVO vanity collection inspired by Signature features the glossy dark tone cabinetry with the absence of handles, creating a sleek minimalist styling while enhancing the space through a balanced combination of forms and finishes. It definitely fits any modern home interior, what’s more the handle-less design helps collect less dust and can be easily maintained with a quick wipe.

2. Mirror Cabinet

To add a modern design aspect to your bathroom, a mirror cabinet would be the perfect choice. Mirrors simply never go out of fashion, it enhances the ambience of the bathroom by reflecting lights, giving the space a relaxing vibes. However, a bathroom mirror need not to be just a mirror, having an added functionality of a cabinet is absolutely a bonus. Mirror cabinets are a practical and versatile storage solution for your bathroom. It saves on space, provides the ease of access to your essentials, not to mention reducing the amount of clutter to provide a seamless view to complement the modern design of a bathroom. The PURE vanity collection from Signature uses a bronze mirror cabinet that is wall mounted to free up valuable floor space, at the same time jazzing up the atmosphere with its LED illumination, balancing functionality and aesthetic to a modern bathroom.
3. Smoked Glass Door
The smoked glass door could be your next interior design option to quickly make your bathroom more modern than before. Smoked glass which is brownish or grey evokes the moody vibes and gives classy contemporary chic to your space. It can serve as partitions, gently separate the spaces without cluttering a bathroom, at the same time increase privacy and aesthetic. Signature’s bronze smoked glass door is sure to add style and an edgy feel to your bathroom, elevating the overall design with timeless elegance. Shortly, the smoked glass door is an excellent choice to give your bathroom a modern impression.
4. Wall & Tall Cabinet
Wall & Tall Cabinet is certainly a staple unit for a modern bathroom. With a wall-mounted tall cabinet, you can look forward to a more spacious, clutter-free and super-organized bathroom – the best way to create a stylish and relaxing retreat! Furthermore, it provides greater storage space so you can store everything behind the closed door and have your bathroom always look neat and clean. Now, if you are seeking some wall-mounted bathroom storage that is more exclusive, look no further than Signature’s Wall & Tall Cabinets. It includes open and closed modules in various sizes that can be used to create exceptional geometric shapes that are sure to match any modern bathroom design.
5. High-Quality Countertop
A modern bathroom can really be transformed to the most stylish degree by installing a high-quality countertop. Choosing the correct material for your bathroom countertop is crucial so it is easy to maintain in superb condition, leaving your bathroom looking fresh, clean and shining all the time. One of the high-quality bathroom countertop materials is quartz, a durable, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean material for the place you visit every day and night. Despite the recent trends for bold accents and dramatic effects, white, black and earth colours remain the top colour for a modern bathroom countertop because when it comes to elegance, they say “less is more”.
Now you know styling a modern bathroom is not a tough task at all. Simply incorporate some of the ideas mentioned above, add a little creativity and some personal sense of beauty, you will surely own a modern bathroom that is full of style and simplicity! If you’re still unsure about how to design your modern bathroom, get in touch with us now, our professional designers are more than happy to help!
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