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5 Reasons Why People Choose Handleless Kitchen

Contemporary and elegant, the handleless kitchen has become one of the most popular kitchen styles in the country. It offers homeowners an opportunity to introduce smooth, sleek lines within the kitchen and be confident that the streamlined and minimal look of a handleless kitchen will never go out-of-style. So, why should you opt for a kitchen design that does not use handles? Well, here are a number of reasons.

1. Make More Space

A handleless kitchen is an excellent choice, especially for a small or compact kitchen, as the flat design feels light and spacious. Simple yet practical kitchen cabinets without handles give a semblance of wider space and a streamlined flow of kitchen components, particularly in a white or black glossy material like the Signature’s Eclectic and Utopia series.

2. Safety

The handleless kitchen provides a safer environment because there are no handles which you can bump into or catch your clothes stuck within it, potentially when handling hot food or beverages. Additionally, the conventional design of the base units have handles that are usually at the same height as children’s head, making bumps more likely.

3. Pratical

Handleless cabinets are easy to open, especially when you select the push-open or soft-close mechanism. For those who have arthritis or perhaps long nails, then this may be a concern. Signature Kitchen uses a Blumotion hinge with 107 degree of opening. This type of hinge not only is integrated with a soft close system, it also allows you to remove your cabinet door with one press without requiring any tools.

4. Frame a Pattern

A handleless design provides the chance to add other textures and finishes to the space. The lack of door handles allow the cabinets to form a clear surface that eliminates distractions in the room, thus giving prominence to the specially designed space in between kitchen cabinets.

5. Timeless

Handles can give away your kitchen’s age, but the handleless kitchen has a timeless look. The minimalist sleek look cabinets make a beautiful addition to any home.

Is a Handleless Kitchen Right for You?

For a clean, spacious, ageless style, it is certainly something to consider. The choice to go for a handleless kitchen should also take into account one’s budget, personal requirements and kitchen layout. When Signature Kitchen builds your dream kitchen and transforms your existing kitchen, we pay heed to all of these vital factors.

Whatever ideas and questions you have about handleless kitchens, feel free to contact us, or schedule an appointment with our kitchen experts. It’s always fun to explore new ideas together!

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