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5 Tips to Plan A Welcoming Home

Want a welcoming home for the upcoming Raya celebration 2021? Today, Signature Kitchen wants to share with you some tips to design a welcoming home.

1. Have an open kitchen

An open kitchen is essential as it allows cooking and dining to be enjoyed together. Imagine having a gathering where you are preparing food alone in a closed kitchen while others are outside chit-chatting, isn’t it sad? An open kitchen allows you to join and be part of all the conversations, while your family are at the dining table preparing and setting up. This open kitchen would also encourage people to join and help you as the space is larger visually and therefore could fit more people in the kitchen.


2. Hanging a large mirror

Hanging a large mirror in the entryway can give an illusion of a larger space. This larger space will then create a welcoming vibe as the first impression when your guests walk into your home. It also adds a luxurious touch to the space. This large mirror also allows you to give a final check on your outfit or make-up before heading out, and take a shot of your OOTD, so why not?

3. Bright lighting

Lighting is essential in a space. Lighting can change the visual of space, as well as the atmosphere. Bright lighting can give a welcoming and cosy vibe, and make a home look wider and larger. You can always add a decorative light to draw attention to the centrepiece in the space.

For example, in this kitchen, the bold slanted kitchen island is the focus. Putting a decorative light above it elevated the whole design and brought the focus to the island and made it a centrepiece.

4. Having comfortable seats

Your guests can’t be standing the whole time at the party! Therefore, it is essential to have comfortable seats, so people can enjoy themselves while catching up with each other. A living room that is comfy and cosy allows people to chill and hang around, enjoying the time together.

5. Use the warm and welcoming colour palette

Using a warm colour palette gives a welcoming vibe towards the space. You can always go for neutral colours such as beige, white, brown or even wood-textured elements. If you are trying to create a space that is warm and welcoming, try not to go too extreme and stick to the same colour palette in one space. Striking colours such as bright red can be avoided as they will be too loud for the space.

What do you think about these 5 tips? Let us know because we love to hear more about what you think. You can also always DM us what topics you would like to see in our blog.

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