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5 Architectural Built-Ins You’ll Love


The beauty of built-ins lies in the million possibilities of design that will integrate seamlessly and elegantly into the structure of your home, no matter what your style is and how you envision your space.

These precise built-ins are thoughtfully-designed and purpose-built with specific needs and preferences in mind, all for creating the ultimate unique spaces that are both functional and fashionable.

Here are some ideas we gathered from Signature’s showroom. Check them out!



Everyone needs a personal place to primp and prep before stepping out of the house. What better spot to build your vanity than in your closet? While the cabinets and drawers offer ample storage space and the open shelves allow you to display your prized possessions, a built-in vanity will certainly add glam to your closet and your dress-up routine.



A comfortable and conducive work environment contributes to your productivity. These modern office built-ins feature a perfectly proportioned glass-front display cabinet, solid-front shelves and drawers, and even an open display area. This way, you get a clutter-free working zone that can be easily repurposed as a storage solution to keep your favourite books, keepsakes or ornaments safe.



Every woman needs her own not-so-little fashion sanctuary, and stepping into an impressive walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate dream. This supersized built-in wardrobe is the full package, with drawers, shelves, rails and compartments to organise all your garments and accessories. With a built-in vanity and wardrobe island, your walk-in wardrobe will definitely make an inviting space you’ll want to spend time in.



Looking for ways to combine a study desk and a dressing table? Check out how this built-in closet extends to include a built-in desk and vertical shelving in a way that blends perfectly with your home’s interior. If you’re all about being space-efficient, vertical shelving is the perfect solution as it makes access easy for one to find what they’re looking for. With a mirror hung above your desk, your desk makes for a great dressing table as well.



This built-in partition is a multifunctional piece that acts as a divider between the bed and the closet. Besides creating an intimate closet space, it supports a headboard on one side and a full-length body mirror on the other. But that’s not all, in between the headboard and the mirror is a column for the sliding doors.


Are you considering built-ins for your home? Tell us which of these inspired you!

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