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5 Trending Home Interior Design For 2022

What comes into your mind when you hear the words “Dream House”?

At one point or another in life, everyone would have imagined owning a dream house and what it will look like. So, how would you describe your dream house?

Perhaps, it will have a spacious veranda attached to the drawing-cum-dining hall. Perhaps it will have a dreamy and lush backyard. What about an enviable chic walk-in wardrobe? Maybe a perfect lounging sunroom or a stylistic statement kitchen?

With that said, a dream house stays a dream until you turn it into reality. Therefore, whether you’re in the process of building your dream house or working towards that goal, be inspired by these 5 concepts and get motivated to achieve that goal.





With custom-fitted furniture, purposed spaces and uniformity of surface materials, this luxury home design exudes a refined sense of class and elegance, ideal for the sophisticated and confident. 



Accents of wood, metal and glass flaunt their unique charm in this cold atmosphere and strike spectacular extravagance. Smoky wood tones breathe warmth into the space and complement the overall aesthetic, shining the limelight on the expression of self and one’s statement of identity.



When classic meets avant-garde, living spaces are adorned with an overtone of boldness and grandeur. Meanwhile, statement pieces inject a modern twist to a classic design, crafting a rich and captivating visual impression with accent colours, imbuing a neo-European charm that never grows old.



While individual tiles have their unique appeal, there is an unparalleled sense of sophistication about a lustrous slab of marble gracing your kitchen walls, dining table and kitchen island. Sleek gold handles elevate the aesthetics, portraying an infinite extent of polished and timeless beauty.




Minimalism is beyond the art of removing. Instead, it is the process of stripping down to fundamental functions and distilling the essence of what makes things work.



Limited materials, neutral colours, simple forms and minimal ornamentation come together in perfect union to present a pure form of elegance where less becomes more and simplicity speaks loudest.




This Scandinavian-inspired collection blends textures and soft hues to create a sleek, modern décor. Designed for the family, this living space is destined to be one that is calm yet uplifting, extending a warm invitation at all times. Its harmonious blend of natural wood elements and matte cabinets add maximum appeal while providing ample storage space.



Harkening back to the time-honoured ideal, elemental touches such as wood and grain are reintroduced into the interior while simultaneously emphasizing clean lines and simple furnishings for a functional, beautiful and cosy living space.




Resembling an urban penthouse in the city, the contrast between rusticity and elegance is magnified by combining different textures and finishings. Bare industrial surfaces interplay with luxurious pieces in solid bold, defining a state of confidence that cascades from the inside out.



Naturally charismatic and effortlessly stylish, the stone textures, matte finishings and subtle hints of gold remind us of the fun of diversifying elements.


Tell us which is your favourite concept!

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