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Top Trend: Curved Furniture


Trends come and go, but what goes around comes back around eventually, and that’s the case with the curved furniture trend. Now, after many years of straight lines being synonymous with contemporary style, the curved furniture trend – which has roots in the ‘70s and ‘80s – has made a strong comeback and is now seen as contemporary and in-style.


If you’re looking to add a splash of visual interest to your interiors, it’s time to show off some curves with curved furniture! Here are some of our favourites:

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These playful and fun curves reflect our desire for a soft, cosy and happy home. In fact, British Vogue named this curved style “puffy furniture”, evoking a fun yet warm and gentle vibe.


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Inject a modern twist to your space through experimenting with pieces in different upholstery, be it leather, bouclé, velvet, shearling or natural fibres. In terms of colours, forget about sticking to a neutral palette if that’s not your preference. Let your identity and style shine through by selecting an eclectic tone to create a focal point as a conversation starter.

To create an artful harmony that presents a juxtaposition of both rounded and angular forms, you can pair your accent serpentine sofa with an angular coffee table or a geometric rug to balance things out. 


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Sure, curved furniture is taking centre stage. But why stop there when you can let curved lines and organic shapes take over your space totally like this apartment in Vietnam? The incorporation of oval shelves, rounded corners and curvaceous details perfected this space with an artistic and architectural flair. The fun and bold colour palette that includes mint green, peach, teal and pink keep the space looking fresh and young.

What do you think about this trend? Share your thoughts with us!

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