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5 Types of Washroom Basins and How to Choose One

A washbasin is no doubt a fundamental household item. When it comes to selecting the right basin for your bathroom, there are numerous options to choose from. Each type of basin has its unique features, benefits and drawbacks, which can make it challenging to decide which one is best suited for your needs. Here are five types of basins and a simple guide for you to choose the right one.


Wall-hung basins are mounted on the wall and do not have a pedestal or countertop to support them.

Best for: Small bathrooms and powder rooms

Compact – They do not take up much space, ultimately making your bathroom look bigger.

Versatile – They can usually be installed at your preferred height.

Budget-Friendly – They are one of the most affordable sink types.

Easy-to-Clean – They keep your floor clear for easy cleaning.

Lack of Storage – They do not offer any storage space and are often without any added counter space.


Pedestal basins are freestanding and come with a pedestal that supports the basin.

Best for: Traditional and period-style bathrooms


Simple & Streamlined – All plumbing components are usually contained within the pedestal itself.


Hard-to-Clean – They can be challenging to clean as there are often hard-to-reach areas behind the pedestal.

Expensive – They are relatively more expensive when compared with other types of washbasins.

Lack of Storage – They offer little to no storage or counter space.


Sit-on basins sit on top of a countertop or vanity unit.

Best for: Modern and contemporary bathrooms


Wide selection – They are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, including ceramic, glass, stone and more.

Ample Storage – They offer plenty of countertop space for storage.

Flexible – They are easy to install and replace.


Expensive – They require a vanity unit or countertop.


Undermount basins are installed underneath a countertop or vanity unit.

Best for: Modern and sleek bathrooms


Minimalist – They offer a sleek, seamless and smooth design.

Space-Saving – They do not take up any countertop space.

Easy-to-Clean & Hygienic – Cleaning is made easy as there is no lip or crevice to catch dirt.


Complexity of Installation – They require professional installation for precise positioning and can be challenging to replace if damaged.

Don’t Work With All Countertops – Because they need to be mounted securely to the underside of a countertop, your specific countertop requires a sturdy material.


A semi-recessed basin sees its front half overhanging the edge, while the back half sits back into the counter or vanity unit.

Best for: Small bathrooms


Stylish – They offer a unique look and provide more countertop space than an under-mount basin.

Child-Friendly – They allow easier access for children to reach the faucet without obstruction.

Space-Saving – They do not require much bench space.


Lack of Counter Space – There isn’t any counter space at the front to catch water or other spills.

Difficulty of Replacement – They can be difficult to replace due to their particularity.


When choosing a basin, consider the size of your bathroom, your storage needs and the style you want to achieve. Also, consider the maintenance requirements and the cost of installation. With these factors in mind, you can select the right basin that suits your needs and enhances your bathroom’s overall look and functionality.

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