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Types of TV Cabinets & How to Choose One

TV cabinets are essential furniture pieces that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of living space but also provide functional storage solutions for your media devices. In this article, let’s explore 5 popular types of TV cabinets and delve into their respective pros and cons.

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Standalone TV Cabinets 

Ideal for: Those who want a traditional, freestanding and self-contained entertainment setup.


✔ Offer versatility & mobility
✔ Easily repositioned to suit room layouts
✔ Ample storage compartments for media devices & accessories


✘ Occupy more floor space
✘ Lack of integrated cable management systems, resulting in tangled cords & cables

Wall-Mounted TV Cabinets 

Ideal for: Those who want to maximise floor space or achieve a minimalist aesthetic.


✔ Save floor space
✔ Sleek & modern look
✔ Offer convenient cable management options to hide unsightly wires
✔ Can be positioned at an optimal viewing height for better comfort


✘ Require drilling into the wall
✘ Higher cost

TV Cabinets with Tall Side Cabinets 

Ideal for: Those who desire ample storage space to keep their collection of devices or gaming accessories neatly organised.


✔ Ample storage space to store media devices, accessories or books
✔ Keep TV area organised & clutter-free
✔ Offer display areas for decorative items, adding a personal touch


✘ Higher cost compared to simpler designs
✘ May increase the complexity of cleaning & maintenance
✘ Can be inconvenient to access items stored in the higher compartments

TV Cabinets with Open Shelving

Ideal for: Those who prefer a more open and accessible display for their entertainment setup that will showcase their media devices, game consoles, sound systems or decorative items.


✔ Minimalist & contemporary look
✔ Provide easy access to media devices & accessories
✔ Allow creative display of decorative items


✘ May result in dust accumulation on exposed items
✘ Does not provide enclosed storage space for concealing clutter

TV Cabinets + Work Area Combination

TV Cabinets + Work Area Combination 

Ideal for: Those who want to combine their television viewing area with a functional workspace.


✔ Efficient use of space by combining entertainment & workspace
✔ Improved organisation with built-in storage solutions
✔ Streamlined, cohesive & visually appealing look


✘ May cause distraction from work

Choosing the right TV cabinet involves considering factors such as space availability, storage needs and aesthetic preferences. By understanding the pros and cons of each type, you can make an informed decision that enhances your home entertainment experience.

Whether you desire a seamless wall-mounted solution, tall side cabinets for ample storage, open shelving for a modern touch, or a combined TV cabinet with a workspace desk, we at Signature have you covered!

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