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The Most Important Question Before Kitchen Design Planning: Built-In VS. Non-Built-In

When embarking on a kitchen design project, there’s one crucial question that needs to be addressed: Should you opt for built-in or non-built-in kitchen cabinets?

This decision will significantly impact the functionality, aesthetics and overall experience of your kitchen. Understanding their characteristics and differences is vital for you to make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your dream kitchen.

If you want a kitchen that is:

✔️ Seamlessly integrated into its layout
✔️ Customisable (Be it designs, materials or storage solutions!)
✔️ Durable, easy to clean and maintain
✔️ Utilising every inch of available space (Vertical spaces and corners!)
✔️ Designed to match the overall aesthetic of the kitchen

Go for Built-In Kitchen Cabinets!

They are customised storage solutions permanently affixed to the walls or floor, seamlessly integrating with the kitchen layout. They are known for their ability to maximise storage capacity by utilising every nook and cranny, making efficient use of your kitchen’s layout. Additionally, they often provide a higher level of customisation, allowing you to choose materials, finishes and storage accessories that align with your design vision.

If you want a kitchen that is:

✔️ Easily rearranged or replaced
✔️ More budget-friendly
✔️ Easily installed without professional assistance
✔️ Easily transferred and integrated into a new kitchen
✔️ More flexible and versatile

Go for Non-Built-In Kitchen Cabinets!

Also known as freestanding cabinets, they are standalone units that do not require permanent installation, which makes them movable and versatile. They are particularly suitable for those who prefer a more casual and eclectic kitchen style.

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We take great pride in how we have been expertly designing and producing high-quality kitchens that balance aesthetics and functionality for almost 30 years.

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