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Elevate your kitchen with modern kitchen design, finely crafted kitchen cabinets and innovative kitchen accessories.

signature kitchen series

Unleash the Magic of Exquisite Kitchen Design

The Signature Kitchen Series introduces kitchen designs that go beyond mere function. This series not only considers the practical aspects of a kitchen such as storage and workflow but also prioritises style and visual appeal. To ensure functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, we build high-quality and elegant kitchen cabinets that provide ample storage space while being visually appealing.

Our kitchen designs are well thought out, taking into consideration the available space and the homeowner’s preferences. Innovative kitchen design ideas such as hidden appliances, smart lighting and modern countertops all elevate the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Attention to detail is key, so we build aesthetically-pleasing and ergonomic kitchen cabinets and seamlessly integrate every aspect of the kitchen design to create a beautiful and functional space.

From classic to contemporary, minimalist to luxurious, Signature offers a curated selection of kitchen designs that combine form and function seamlessly, providing the best of both worlds while catering to a variety of styles, needs and aspirations. With Signature, you can now unlock perfect kitchen harmony where kitchen design is in sync with innovative accessories and customised kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Layouts

Magnifying the beauty of a swing door wardrobe through its practicality and timelessness.


A minimalist design that features a single counter running along one wall. It is a popular choice for smaller kitchens and apartments due to its compact design.


A versatile design that maximises space by utilising two adjoining walls, providing ample counter and storage space and allowing greater layout flexibility.


A design that features counters and storage along three walls, providing ample workspace and storage. It is an ideal design for larger kitchens that require maximum functionality and storage.


A popular and functional design that features a freestanding counter in the centre of the kitchen. This design provides additional workspace and storage, as well as a focal point for the kitchen.

Kitchen Accessories

Transforming your kitchen into an organised oasis with practical accessories.

Cutlery Tray

A useful storage solution to help you Sort your utensils and keep them from turning into a jumble.

Drawer Organiser

A device that allows easy access to clothes stored at a higher level by raising and lowering the hanging rod; especially useful for those who have limited reach or storage space.

Convoy Lavido

A single-tube support frame and “floating trays” that allow easy access and a clear view from 3 sides. The adjustable trays help store different supplies and fully utilise all storage space.

Tandem Pantry

A device with intelligent pull-out technology that draws the rear section automatically forward, creating an unobstructed overview and easier access to items stored in the back.

Magic Corner

A set of storage units next to each other in a corner cabinet with precisely defined sequence of movements to draw the front and the back sections simultaneously into full view smoothly.

Pull-Out Baskets

A space-saving design that combines style and convenience. The unique top and bottom mounted runners make for a smooth open and soft close.

IMOVE Single/Double Tray

An accessory that provides additional storage space and easy access to stored items. Trays can be pulled all the way down, and will hold in place for loading and unloading, even when empty.

Turn Motion II Double Tray

A tray accessory that offers easy access to all the contents by turning the trays. This tray helps keep all contents well-organised with a perfect overview.

Learn With Signature

Streamline your kitchen or create a brand new one that perfectly caters to your culinary needs with these kitchen organisation ideas. Our Signature expert, Jeffrey, shares his ideas from his experience.