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Living Room Renovations Reimagined | Functionality Meets Style with Signature Malaysia TV Cabinets

Signature Malaysia creates stunning living rooms for all homes. Explore our portfolio to see how custom TV cabinets elevate your space. From modern shelves to classic built-ins, we combine style and function. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Bandar Gamuda Gardens

The living room centers around a stunning TV cabinet in “Nasya Stone” and darker colours. This feature not only enhances the modern feel of the space but also serves as an elegant display for an exquisite crystal collection, adding a touch of luxury. The clean lines and minimalist design elements combine to create a sophisticated yet comfortable gathering space for family and friends.

Sunway Serene A

In the living room, light wood floors and neutral colors create an airy atmosphere. Minimalist furniture and indoor plants blend to keep the space welcoming and connected to nature, epitomizing the concept of whole house design.

Sunway Serene B

The centerpiece of this condo’s renovation is the living room, showcasing the exquisite “tea brown glass cabinets” designed by Signature Malaysia. These cabinets provide a stylish yet functional display space for an array of collectibles and models, integrating personal hobbies into the decor. The clean lines and modern furniture, coupled with strategic lighting, enhance the open and inviting atmosphere of the space. Adjacent to these cabinets is the sophisticated TV cabinet unit, which spans the room’s length. It is sleek and minimalist, optimizing living space while offering ample storage.

Eco Grandeur

The living room sets a serene tone with its “Modern Classic” design, featuring a majestic TV panel which perfectly complements the minimalist yet elegant furnishings. The balance of neutral tones and sleek textures creates a welcoming space that combines luxury with comfort, ideal for relaxation and entertainment.


The living room, a central hub of relaxation and entertainment, features a minimalist TV cabinet that blends seamlessly with the room’s contemporary theme. The clean lines and sleek finish of the cabinet not only complement the modern decor but also serve as a practical solution for media storage, ensuring that style and functionality coexist harmoniously.

Kota Emerald

The living room epitomizes contemporary elegance, featuring a clean, minimalist design that maximizes both space and comfort. The seamless integration of modern furnishings against a backdrop of neutral tones and natural light creates a welcoming environment perfect for relaxation and social gatherings.

Kenny Hills

The living room is a masterpiece of understated luxury, featuring a neutral color palette that enhances the sense of space. Clean lines and streamlined furniture contribute to a modern yet warm ambiance, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests. Crafted with a light wood finish, the cabinet stretches across the wall, offering a clean, uncluttered base for the large flat-screen TV.


The living room in this home is a testament to modern living, with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. It combines clean lines and a neutral palette to enhance the sense of space, while contemporary furniture pieces add a touch of sophistication. The layout is designed to foster comfortable living and easy entertaining, making it the perfect central hub for the home.


The living room captures the essence of minimalist design with its standout feature, the TV cabinet. Sleek and unobtrusive, the cabinet stretches across the wall, offering a visually serene platform for the television and select decorative pieces. Flanking the TV cabinet, glass cabinets provide a perfect display for cherished collectibles, blending functionality with elegance. This setup not only maximizes the living space but also enhances the room’s airy feel, embodying the “Minima Muse” concept beautifully.