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Project Business

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Today, Signature continues to be a much sought-after name within the industry. Our clients have come to rely on Signature to be their trusted partner and recognise that Signature has the ability to deliver distinctive value-added benefits that create a positive impact on the bottom line of their projects. The Signature advantage comes along with a promise of unparalleled versatility, design flexibility, competitive pricing and on-demand production.

Our dedication to client servicing is a key factor that has enabled Signature to build a successful portfolio of high-end A-list corporate clients. Our projects range from building office pantries to cabinets for residences. At Signature, we create ideal living space solutions that become personal havens for homeowners.

The rapid expansion of our project portfolio has led to international opportunities and growing success across 15 countries, with a strong focus on the ASEAN region. Our smart partnerships and collaborations with overseas partners with established reputation and networks in these markets have enabled us to offer competitive, best-in-class and high-quality living space solutions to both international project developers as well as retail customers.

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