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Kitchen Must-Haves to Get Organised Like A Pro

If you have no idea what’s hidden behind the first row of bottles and containers on your kitchen shelves, or you have a hard time getting a certain pot or pan from the back of your cabinets, you most probably need to set aside some time to reorganise your kitchen.

Getting organised is not only a satisfying process but also a practical way to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen. To maintain an orderly and tidy kitchen, make the most of your storage space and make sure there’s a place for everything. Here are some organisation tips and tools you’ll need.

#1        Avoid Clutter with Cutlery Tray & Drawer Organiser    

Decluttering is often the first step to organising your space. Cutlery trays and drawer dividers come in handy when it comes to clearing up your clutter. These tools and systems are often adjustable on demand, so you can have everything perfectly organised.

Cutlery Tray:

Sort your utensils and keep them from turning into a jumble.

Drawer Organiser:

Store your baking tools and spice bottles neat and tidy.

#2        Make Use of Vertical Space with Tandem Pantry & Convoy Lavido 

Do you find empty spaces between the top of your cabinets and the top of the tallest item in them? The goal is to reduce that unused vertical space and turn them into additional storage spaces.

Tandem Pantry:

The intelligent pull-out technology draws the rear section automatically forward, creating an impressive unobstructed overview and easier access to items stored in the back. Extra shelf units on the cabinet door further maximise storage space.

Convoy Lavido:

The single-tube support frame and “floating trays” allow easy access and a clear view from 3 sides. The tray heights are also adjustable according to needs and preferences so you can store different supplies and fully utilise all storage space.

#3        Maximise Corners and Narrow Gaps with Magic Corner & Pull-Out Basket   

Got a blind corner or a narrow gap that would be just an otherwise wasted space? Fit a corner storage unit or a thin pull-out basket against the side of your cabinet so that you can have a little extra storage room for your sauce bottles or tea collection. 

Magic Corner:

Housing 2 complete storage units next to each other in a corner cabinet, its intelligent design and precisely defined sequence of movements allow you to draw the front and the back sections simultaneously into full view smoothly, ensuring easy access to all contents. The back section moves forward for optimal and ergonomic access.

Pull-Out Basket:

This space-saving design combines style and convenience, creating a unique kitchen pull-out basket that suits your individual needs. The unique top and bottom mounted runners make for a smooth open and soft close.

#4        Prioritise Access with IMOVE Single/Double Tray & Turn Motion II Double Tray

Installing pull-out shelves in cabinets makes finding and accessing kitchen equipment and appliances easier. With these pull-out shelves, you no longer have to struggle with scavenging for items hidden at the back of the cabinet.  

IMOVE Single/Double Tray:


Besides additional storage space, your items are easily reachable as well. You can pull the shelf all the way down, and it will hold in place for loading and unloading, even when empty.

Turn Motion II Double Tray:


There’s no need to clear away items at the front to reach items at the back because now you get easy access to all the contents by turning the trays. This tray helps keep all contents well-organised with a perfect overview.

#5 Free Up Counter Space with Wall-Recessed Rail System

Since the aim is to make use of every inch of space, it’s important to free up some space so that you can enjoy sufficient workspace. A wall-recessed rail system is a perfect solution to freeing up counter space.

Whether it’s a wall-recessed spice rack, a kitchen roll holder, a foil & cling film dispenser or a magnetic knife block, these products help lift your kitchen tools out of the way but still within arm’s reach. You would never know how much you needed this until you actually got it!

Now that you know about all of these organisation tools, which one do you think would be the most useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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